I’ve been on Xing or should I rather say good-old-openBC since May 2004. The service has always been great and I used the free one up until about half a year ago, where I decided to give the pro version a go. I wanted to check it’s capabilities on all those pro features that you would need as a self-marketer. At first the search pops into mind which is greatly improved in the pro version, you can search just about anything. (Though I wish the free search was at least a bit better too… Images would be nice…).

Anyhow, having visited Tech-Ed I was interested in something saying “I have increased the visits to my profile by x amount”. I had looked for that feature, but they had removed it about half a year ago after a system update. So where does he get his info, well it seems that the newsletter you can opt-out of includes this information. Ok, this seem a fair practice for free accounts – get people to subscribe to your marketing newsletter to get access to the statistics. But as a prop I want to have these infos on the website, with a historic view and even better some nice graphs. If I want to market myself I need to correlate these statistics to my work.

Seeing as this feature was missing I decided to ask Xing Support for some help. The answer I got:

Thanks for your email. We don’t offer this at the moment, but may do so in the future.

Great guys. I’m a bit disappointed. I wonder if LinkedIn.com has such features for pro accounts? You may have been the first (where you really? Come to think of it, I don’t exactly know, but you where online early.) but you certainly won’t be the last business network.

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