This morning I finally got my authors copy of the Magazin that I wrote an article on Microsoft Sync Framework. It’s in german, 7 pages long and you can buy it tomorrow.

Anyhow, I got an email this morning asking about one of the code listings and asking if there was anything different to do in It’s been a while since I last did (I actually did more VB6 than but I converted the sample from the magazine to Just remember to reference Microsoft.Synchronization and Microsoft.Synchronization.Files.

(By the way I still haven’t got round to looking at CTP2 of the Sync Framework. All this stuff (and the article) applies to CTP1. Maybe there was a breaking change in CTP2 with regard to the FileSyncProvider. I must get round to looking at CTP2 a.s.a.p.)

Here is the code:

Imports Microsoft.Synchronization
Imports Microsoft.Synchronization.Files
Imports System.IO

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        'Define directories
        Dim _sourceDir As String = "c:\temp\1"
        Dim _destDir As String = "c:\temp\2"

        'Define system ids
        Dim _sourceId As SyncId = New SyncId(New Guid("A4715EAF-341E-4ebf-90C3-71E8644CA6E8"))
        Dim _destId As SyncId = New SyncId(New Guid("FF766014-0DA4-401d-BDA1-0679326ECF96"))

        'Exclude some patterns
        Dim _syncFilter As FileSyncScopeFilter = New FileSyncScopeFilter()
        _syncFilter.AttributeExcludeMask = FileAttributes.Hidden Or FileAttributes.System

        'Setup options (makes sure files aren't deleted for ever)
        Dim _syncOptions As FileSyncOptions = FileSyncOptions.RecycleDeletes Or FileSyncOptions.RecycleOverwrites

        'Do the sync 
        Using _sourceProvider As FileSyncProvider = New FileSyncProvider(_sourceId, _sourceDir, _syncFilter, _syncOptions)
            Using _destinationProvider As FileSyncProvider = New FileSyncProvider(_destId, _destDir, _syncFilter, _syncOptions)

                Dim _syncAgent As SyncAgent = New SyncAgent()
                _syncAgent.LocalProvider = _sourceProvider
                _syncAgent.RemoteProvider = _destinationProvider
                _syncAgent.Direction = SyncDirection.UploadAndDownload

            End Using
        End Using

    End Sub

End Module