Those of you trying out the BETA of SCOM R2 may run into an error during installation telling you to search for “value 3” in the setup log files.

Doing that may uncover an error along the lines of:

GetRegistyStringValue: RegQueryValueEx failed.. Error Code: 0x80070002.
SetRegistyStringValue: RegOpenKeyEx failed to open registry key. Error Code: 0x80070005.
SetMonadExecutionPolicy: Unable to lower Monad ExecutionPolicy security level..
Action ended 12:38:48: _SetMonadExecutionPolicy.E1C3A829_C8F3_443F_B5FE_0CE01DB47829. Return value 3.

The simple solution is to disable User Account Control.

Actually if you launch PowerShell and try the “Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned” you will also get an access denied on the registry when UAC is activated. Same cause, same solution.

PS: No, I haven’t turned into a System Engineer, still a dev. Might talk a bit about what I’m doing here soon…