A quick introductory post, before I continue on where I left off about half a year ago…

As some of you may know this blog started as blog.gidion.at (and that domain will be redirecting here soon – just switching providers at the moment). It’s my personal and professional hub of things I want to say. I hope you’ll find some of the articles interesting. I’m not pretending to be an expert on anything (who can really call themselves that?) and I’ll mostly be just commenting on or summarizing my experiences. Things have changed since blog.gidion.at and of course will continue to change, but I hope it to be of some interest for at least some people on the web.

So here is to some good times ahead! Per aspera ad astra.

PS: I’m not sure yet whether or not the old posts from blog.gidion.at will be appearing here or if I’ll just upload them to an archive.