My last Tech-Ed report is still missing and will be coming shortly, but I wanted to share a quick tool that I wrote to download all of the session slides and things that were available while I was still at Tech-Ed. I thought using the network there might be faster than doing it at home, but I was wrong, so I ended up downloading it from here.

I know some companies can’t wait for the DVD to be delivered and want the slides now, so this tool will simply let you log in to your MS Events site, then press “Start” to download the files. It will parse the download sites and then download the files to a directory of your choice. It’s quick and dirty, but it works. There isn’t a tremendous amount of error handling and you will have to work by the process “Log-In” then press “Start”, but if you want to change something feel free to do so, a link back to here would be nice if you use or change anything.

For sake of having a license at all code and binaries are subject to the Common Publice License.

Download Binaries or Source.

Update: Some people have to login, then click on “PPTX files” and then press start to download the files. But you should only have to login and press start.

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