It’s been quiet for a while due to my participation in the Imagine Cup (again). Not only have I participated in each Imagine Cup since the start:

    – 2008: BioMatch – (I’ll report some more on that of course later…)
    – 2007: Kalie – Decision making system to support students during studying.
    – 2006: MyCaps – e-Sports Framework with real-life movement integration for a healthier life
    – 2005: Gecco – Global Emergency Clinic Coordination – Fast automatic help for people requiring constant medical monitoring to break their boundaries.
    – 2004: NoName – This was the worst year by far because we had not realized there was a theme, but we still took part but did not get very far.
    – 2003: SAMANTA – System for Astute Management of Time-aware Archictectures – The beginning of it all and we had an intelligent organisation system for trade fares. (2nd place locals)

but it is also my third time at the WORLD FINALS (2005: Yokohama, Japan; 2006: Delhi/Agra, India; 2008: Paris, France). I have heard that there is a polish short film team, that I met the years before (but not this time) that have also been here three times. So I wonder if I have to participate again next year to make the record official (on the otherhand I think there may actually be some guys in the IT challenge that been here more often…).

Anyway if you are interested in why I take on this challenge every year take a look at an interview I gave to the Danish Academic Relations Manager Martin Esmann over on his blog:

That’s all for now, pictures will follow this evening. We have to rehearse the presentation once more. Just under 3 hours to go until round 1. Wish us luck!