There are a lot of these personal finance planners online, most recently lil’ has become the darling of the techcrunch crowd. They all make life so easy by pulling my transactions from my bank account, credit cards etc. But am I the only one who really thinks that passing on my online banking details to a these sites is just a little bit dangerous or even crazy? Sure, they all guarantee that they are safe because they are using SSL (book tip: read Most of them don’t store your username and password, which actually means they pass on your details to some other financial service provider which -of course- is way cooler. But this service really made me chuckle (the sort of “harhar … har … WTF?” chuckle)

The FAQ:

web11The registration page:


Maybe I’ve become overconscious for security topics since I started working for but if you want to avoid a mistake like this on your app give us a call… I’m not handing out my bank details on any terms but at least our team can help you reach state-of-the-art levels of security.