Visual Studio Database Projects with SQL Server 2008 or ‘Why do I prefer Google Search?’

Ok, I’m going to mix some info with a little bit of remarks on search engines.
First up, if you encounter an error when creating a Visual Studio Database Project with SQL Server 2008 telling you only version up to 2005 are supported, just download the
Microsoft® Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition GDR July CTP

I encountered the error on a server where there was a standard Internet Explorer installation which of course point to Live Search, and I don’t really mind it usually, because hey it’s a server, I don’t want to personalize anything there. So I started typing in the search field ‘visual studio database project sql server 2008’ and hit enter.

Up came the live search result. Next I tried Google. Then just for sake of comparison I tried Yahoo.

I ask you honestly, which result set do you prefer? Why is Google the only who returns the result that I need and therefore want at the top, Yahoo gave it to me on the bottom of the first page which is not perfect but ok, but Live Search starts its results with BizTalk entries and none of the entries on the first page get me anything helpful? I’m not the only one who hardly ever clicks on page 2, so whatever is on the first page needs to be important. To be fair this is not a test of anything, just a single search, but it does get you thinking. I specifically choose Google, even though I’m otherwise flooded by and enjoy Microsoft technologies, and I don’t think that will change anytime soon.


2 thoughts on “Visual Studio Database Projects with SQL Server 2008 or ‘Why do I prefer Google Search?’

  1. Heh, your post is now the second result on the query I googled… you might have pushed my useful results further from the top 2! =)

  2. Your now #1 for google and yahoo search results, sadly though, live results still have little relevance.

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